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Sing Freely is a five-lesson email course that takes you back to the basics of singing to eliminate your long-lasting vocal issues.

If you’re a singer who wants to polish the fundamentals to fix niggling issues or a beginner who wants to learn from scratch, this course is for you.

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Better Singing

In five very short lessons, you’ll have everything you need to start singing with more confidence, more power, and less tension.

Latest Techniques

Find out why some common vocal techniques are outdated, and learn new techniques backed by science.

Official Method

Learn Vocal Sensei’s “ABCs of Singing” – a combination of some of the best vocal pedagogy practices used today.

Jaw Tension

The problem

Yep, that’s a photo of me. Ah, jaw tension. 

I’ve always been a singer, and I’ve always just followed whatever advice my singing teacher gave me. Why wouldn’t I?

I’ve had a lot of coaching over the years, and I’ll admit a lot of it has worked for me. However, I never really understood why, and there was always something missing.

There were always slight inconsistencies, and the advice was always “wishy-washy”. Each singing teacher contradicted the last, and “good technique” always felt uncomfortable and sounded forced.

The discovery

Science, to the rescue!

Most singing education is based off experience, and what “feels good”, leaving singers confused and frustrated when it doesn’t work for them.

Science is finally starting to catch up. We’ve borrowed a lot of what we know from speech pathology because singing is just speaking with a sustained pitch.

In fact, the answer to all our problems is to borrow from existing science. There’s so much that vocal pedagogists, speech pathologists and other experts already know about our voice and our body. Singing researchers are starting to uncover some amazing things.

I’d like to thank you again for your email course. I couldn’t believe the change I had on finishing your course. I can sing freely in an enjoyable way! For real! 


About your sensei

My name is Hayden Bech, and I’m a coach, a conductor, and a singer. I started out in pop, rock, and musical theatre, and I’ve directed the singing and orchestra for a number of theatre shows.

I now sing barbershop music with the renowned chorus, The Blenders, where I am a trainee Assistant Director.  I direct a number of important gigs for the group, and I regularly coach the singers.

I love singing, but I’m most passionate about educating other singers and coaches. I’m dedicated to finding new, better ways of teaching.

What you’ll learn

This course will give you everything you need to start singing stronger, better, and more relaxed. Each lesson is concise and should take roughly 5 minutes to finish. There’s also a very quick practice exercise to solidify each lesson, with a worksheet to follow along.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Why YOU can become a singer.


Lesson 2: Alignment

How to find balance and eliminate tension.

Lesson 3: Breathing

How to work WITH your body to breathe better.

Lesson 4: Core Tone

How your primal instincts can help you sound better.

Lesson 5: Next Steps

How to apply these lessons to take your singing to the next level.

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Sing Freely

A FREE, 5 lesson course to help you learn relaxed, resonant singing. Enrol now to receive lesson 1.