About Vocal Sensei

Mission Statement

Vocal Sensei aim to inspire, challenge and encourage all people who love music. By building meaningful and collaborative relationships with students we will nurture confidence, passion and joy through music. We will do this using the most relevant and proven methods, across a wide range of media, to a growing number of people.

What is Vocal Sensei?

Vocal Sensei is a Community

We aim to promote singing to a wider audience, and we want singers to help each other. 

We will find new ways to encourage musicians to collaborate, and new ways to bring singing to the masses.


Vocal sensei is a Movement

The old, traditional ways of teaching vocal techniques still rely on outdated methods of posture, breathing and tone production.

Vocal Sensei champions the newest ways of teaching vocal techniques and shifts the way people approach vocal tuition by using methods that are supported by recent research and rooted in speech pathology.

Vocal Sensei is a Journey

Just like martial artists progress through coloured belts, singers must also pass a number of stages in the learning. 

We aim not simply to teach, but to guide singers to the next step in their journey.

Hayden Bech

Hayden Bech


I’m a supportive, caring, and passionate vocal coach. I love watching confidence begin to form in new singers. To me, there’s nothing better than the smile on a student’s face when they realise they’ve just started on a long but very rewarding journey.

I have many young students, but I also love working with adults who have waited their entire lives to start singing for the first time. I’m the Assistant Director of The Blenders – a large, all-male a cappella choir, full of adults and retirees often new to singing – so I’m experienced with the challenge of introducing singing later in life. 

I aim to use the most modern and scientifically-supported singing methods, to ensure students get the biggest benefits while avoiding vocal fatigue. With 10 years in musical theatre, 6 years of barbershop-style choir singing, quartets, and pop/rock solo experience, I’ve worked with a number of genres, and I’m confident that I can provide support with any genre the student wants.